Travel Insurance for BC Residents

So you think you’re covered for travel? Maybe not. Your British Columbia Medical Services Plan only offers limited coverage when travelling. Even credit card travel insurance and plans offered to you as an employee can leave gaps in your protection. Whether you’re travelling within Canada, the US, or overseas, having the right travel insurance coverage is essential. Something as small as food poisoning could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Our brokers can advise you whether or not you have the coverage you need. If your holiday or business trip takes a turn for the worse, be sure you’re prepared with proper coverage.

Coming to Canada?

At Maxxam Insurance we make the process of immigration easier. You can apply for health insurance and travel benefits before or after your arrival in Canada. Our application is simple with no medical questions for immigrants and visitors under 55 and travel coverage for emergency trips made in North America.

24 Hour Claim Service

Anything can happen at any time while you’re traveling abroad or even within Canada. That’s why we provide a 24 hour claims service, so that when an emergency strikes you’re not alone. Maxxam Insurance is always there when you need us!

Call us today to speak to one of our agents. It would be our pleasure to prepare a quote for your next vacation.