Protect Your Investment with MOTOMAXX


When you buy a new or used vehicle, the moment you drive off the lot the value of your car depreciates. Protect your investment with Motomaxx’s 100% insured plan, with coverage for up to 8 years.

How does this plan work?

Motomaxx will reimburse your auto insurance deductible every time you make a claim, with no limit during your policy period. Partial losses, such as windshields and fender-benders, up to $250 of your deductible will be reimbursed with no limit of the frequency of claims. In the event of total loss, up to $500 of deductible will be covered.

New Vehicle Benefits

When your vehicle is written off by the underlying insurance company: Depreciation kicks in, client receives what the book value is at that time.

Motomaxx Policy pays the difference between the depreciated amount received from underlying auto insurance and the purchase price of a new current model year vehicle of similar make and model.

Older Vehicle Eligibility

Motomax pays the difference between the depreciated amount you receive from your underlying auto insurance and the original purchase price Plus 5% per year for each year you have owned the vehicle.

Additional Bonuses

New and Used policies will include all sales taxes on the purchase of replacement vehicle.

New Vehicles - covers OEM (Original Equipment from Manufacture) Parts. This means in the first 3 years if you have a partial loss claim the only parts that can be used are brand new parts. If you purchase a New Vehicle Motomaxx will pay the difference between your underline insurance using after-market parts and cover the cost difference to use OEM parts!