The Superheroes of Home Insurance

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Buying home insurance can prove to be overwhelming. With all the different insurance companies and different policies, you may find yourself stuck between where to go and who to go to. That’s where we come in!

The Insurance company will direct you through some of the key features of a policy, but for the most part you’ll want to read through it from beginning to end to really understand exactly what you will be getting. However, how likely is it that you will read every ounce of the extensive policy? Where do you even begin?

Most insurance policies are written with confusing verbiage, and it may seem like they’re only that way to confuse and overwhelm you. So, what is there to do about this? You may buy it and file it, or spend all your spare time researching every nuance of this contract. Both of those options sound equally unappealing.

So, let’s start from the beginning…

Why do you even need Home Insurance?

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In most cases, home insurance is required because of mortgage financing requirements. The lenders will make this a required term of the contract to protect your home, (and their investment) in case of damage caused by unforeseen circumstances.

So, while you may not have a choice in having home insurance, you do have a choice in where you get it from. There are several avenues to choose from; online, big box stores and specialty stores. How do you make the decision?

Let’s say for example your mortgage lender said, “As a condition of this mortgage, you must install a smoke detector in your home”.  There are several places where you could purchase a smoke detector, there is online, the big box stores and there are the specialty retailers. So, you buy the smoke detector, bring it home and test it and it doesn’t work (cue the curse words). If you bought it online, you’d have to ship it back, most likely paying for the return shipping, wasting time and money. Buying from a big box store would leave you with no other option but to battle the lines at the customer service desk to make an exchange or return. However, (enter the Specialist), when you buy from a specialty retailer, you can trust the experts to find the product that is right for you.

If you bought it at a Safety System store, you could call their service department and they would help you over the phone.  The specialty store will have already researched the product to make sure they are selling their valued customers a product that works well and has backup service.  Your specialty Superhero really cares about providing first-class products and services.

So, when you go shopping for home insurance, go to the specialists. Maxxam Insurance’s team of experienced and reputable Insurance Superheroes know the market inside and out, and can give you the best advice for all your needs. We can arrange the coverage that is right for you, and if you ever need assistance, you know who to call!