5 Top Tips for Safe Summer Motorcycle Rides

The Sun is out, the rain has stopped, temperatures are rising and scenery is at its peak.  Every biker is eager to get their bike out and go for a ride!  Unfortunately, with heavier traffic and the busy summer time rush comes the increase of Motorcycle accidents.  Here are your top 5 tips to keep you safe as you enjoy your ride this summer…

  1. Once Over – Chances are your bike may have been sitting in the garage for a long winter. Before you hit the road the first thing you need to do is ensure your bike is safe and ready to go. Check to ensure tires are full and ready to go, give the bike an oil change, check for any loose bolts or clamps, check all fluid levels and of course get a nice fresh tank full of gas!
  2. Be Aware – Just as you can’t wait to hit the road, remember so is everyone else. These summer months see a rise in traffic including many oversized recreational vehicles. Always be aware of your surrounding and what other drivers are doing. Drive Defensively!
  3. Be Seen – As Motorcycles are smaller than all other vehicles, it’s easy to remain hidden amongst other traffic. Make sure to avoid cruising in blind spots and wear reflective clothing so other drivers can easily spot you!
  4. Safety Gear – With warmer weather it’s hard to think about wearing extra gear but remember without it there is nothing between your skin and the road if you go down. There is a lot of advanced gear out there that is designed to keep you safe and cool. Invest in a vented helmet, vented jacket, vented gloves, and a cooling vest. Remember safety is paramount to being able to enjoy your ride over and over again!
  5. Hydration – Now that you’re equipped with your nice cooling safety gear, you may forget about the heat as you are cruising with the wind. However, dehydration can happen quickly when you’re under direct exposure from the sun. Dehydration can be dangerous as it could lead to dizziness and fatigue. Using a hydration pack and stopping for regular water breaks is crucial to staying safe on the road.


Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to contact Maxxam Insurance for all your insurance needs!